We have reached a point in time where profit fueled, business as usual approaches to economic growth and human development are no longer acceptable, sustainable, or secure. Our material resources are dwindling, and our most valuable resources and natural eco-systems are becoming irreversibly damaged. Every passing year seems to bring with it more chilling evidence of the real side effects of rising temperatures and Climate Change; greatly enhanced by our activity.

On the plus side, however, as Paul Gilding (renowned Australian activist and entrepreneur) says, ‘we humans love a good crisis’, and the current climate crisis is the mother of them all. While there are several ways to address some of the problems climate change brings with it, two widely acknowledged and accepted solutions are indeed mass re-forestation and a global freeze on greenhouse gas emissions. Mary Robinson, the former president of my country, and a woman I feel needs no introduction here, often quotes Martin Luther King in her speeches on climate change and climate justice as she attempts to impress upon us ‘the fierce urgency of now’ relating to this matter. She also puts forward the idea that what we need is an entire movement of people to get us to a safe world (BRS Conference, San Francisco, 2013). I am proposing a new form of industrial revolution or indeed movement of people, who can connect and collaborate with each other across a range of industries in an attempt to bring about lasting constructive change, and several steps closer to emission Zero.

Base Zero is first and foremost an interactive international database for alternative materials, resources, processes, technologies, and idea exchange between various stakeholders and industries. It is a veritable mix between a database, on-line store, investment centre, think tank, and social network; envisaged within a very strong socially responsible, and environmentally conscious, forward thinking framework.