Aside from a growing list of materials, the site will also include separate sections for each major industry providing useful, up-to-date, and relevant information on how different industries can reduce their emission levels. For example the product manufacturing industry section will have a list of the most used materials, the most common alternative choices (as picked by other industry professionals), including information on alternative manufacturing processes, recent technological advancements which may be of interest, as well as an on-line forum where industry professionals can offer helpful tips and advice on emission reduction and environmental impact; while doing so in the most cost effective manner.

All stakeholders will have the facility to comment on their experience with a certain buyer, supplier, or material. For instance if a material turned out not to be as described, or fell short of certain advertised characteristics, this can be noted and shared. On the other hand if a user is very content with their experience, and intended to run with a specific material again, this can also be shared publicly. This will enable a good level of transparency, promote trust in users of the database, and assist in encouraging industries to engage with and learn from each other.

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